What We Are

The Dizzy Llamas Athletic Club is a multi-sport group offering people of any talent level a chance to play, develop and have fun. Finding competitive sports leagues in Boston is expensive. Add the price of equipment, permits and clothing and you have yourself an angry spouse and no money for retirement. The DLAC wants to lessen your burden. We try to find the best sports at the best prices... or at least in a convenient location. We buy shirts, socks and other athletic gear in bulk, so you don’t have to purchase it retail.

Ages range from post-college 20-somethings to 30 and early 40-year-olds. If you enjoy play and have a good attitude, age doesn't matter. We try to build teams that work well together so players improve rather than just play. That said, our top teams are usually very competitive and we try to recruit or develop the best we can. We worry about the details, so you can have fun "Satisfying your sports addiction."

What Is The Competition Level?

It depends on you. The DLAC ranges from low intensity, fun teams to national level competition. Our coordinators place you by your skill level so that you can have the most fun and rewarding experience possible. Each level of the developmental pyramid offers mentors and captains who can help you improve your individual skills so that you never feel like the last person off the bench. You may be a stud in one sport and a flop in another. We give you the chance to have fun at whatever sport you want to play.

Dizzy Llamas "Green" - For our larger programs, new members start on Dizzy Llamas Green. Here our athletes are introduced to the club and some of the quirky rules that are prevalent in Coed sports. This is a developmental team for our players, so if you’re looking to try a new sport or haven’t played in a few years, this squad gives you a low pressure environment to learn the game and improve your skills so you can help our more competitive teams at a higher level. Players can spend a few seasons on this team, or only a few games before being called up. It depends on the needs of the CoRec teams.

CoRec Level - The core of our membership plays in our CoRec level. This is a semi-competitive level featuring teams and players with varying skill and experience. These teams feature more consistent rosters and players. While the atmosphere is still one of fun, where you can fumble a ball or make a strikeout and not get yelled at, teams are built to be playoff contenders in their sport. Continued player development occurs at this level, but players must have the basic skills need to help their squad and keep the team in the hunt for a title. Nearly eighty percent of our players compete at this level.

Showcase Level - For those hungry for tougher competition and have the talent to back it up, some sports have showcase level teams which takes the more intense and proven members and puts them together to compete at the highest levels of local CoRec competition. Depending on the sport, players need to be nominated or tryout for one of these squads with the sole goal of winning local championships. Players are here may work on refining individual skills but the primary focus for these teams is winning.

Boston Llamas - The ultimate competitive goal of the Dizzy Llamas is to participate in Regional and National tournaments. Our top team will draw from the very best players from our showcase level with the hopes of earning a national championship for the Club.

How Much Does It Cost To Be a Llama?

There is no annual fee to be a Dizzy Llama. All of our members only pay for the sports they play, with a percentage of each season’s payment going to the DL Fund to cover the costs of pre-registration, equipment, uniforms and membership costs. We’ve also partnered with many of the area’s top recreational leagues like the Boston Ski & Sports Club, Boston Volleyball Association, Boston West Coed Softball and Eastern Mass. Adult Athletic Conference to give our athletes the best playing experience and leveraging our size to make it as cost efficient as possible. All of our coordinators and captains are volunteers who love playing sports and love knowing that every time they hit the field they’ll have a reliable group of players around them.


If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with Llama happenings, we are working on giving the club more of a presence online. Now you can become of a fan of our Twitter or Facebook account and get text messages sent to your phone when there are cancellations or other big events. Its another option for folks who may not always have access to a smartphone or computer on gameday. To signup, check out the links below:

Dizzy Llamas on TwitterDizzy Llamas on YouTubeDizzy Llamas on Facebook

For direct questions, comments, or up-to-date game schedules, call the Dizzy Llama Hotline at (508) 471-7229.